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With over 20 years of experience in the Culinary Arts, Chef Lennox can create anything from an intimate dinner for two, to an elegant dinner for a group. His knowledge and passion for cooking are reflective in each dish, from a bowl of porridge to his beef Wellington.

Chef Lennox’s culinary background has taken him all over Jamaica to the United States and back. His flair for the unexpected brings an element of surprise and delight to each meal. A true master at his craft, Aqua Bay is fortunate to have him.

Upon arrival Chef Lennox will sit down with the Host or Hostess of the group to discuss your culinary desires during your stay. You may choose to select a protein for each day and let him select complimentary sides to go along with your main dish or you may select the sides as well. Our goal is to make your stay with us as relaxing as possible, and effortless dining is part of that experience.

Please note that if you have any dietary restrictions to let Chef Lennox know and he will make accommodations as needed. Any questions or concerns can be sent to info@aquabayjamaica.com.