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Amnesty Bay Suite

Amnesty Bay was named after Aquaman’s small adoptive home town, located on the coast of Maine. It features a floating king-sized bed, a shared outdoor sitting area with porch swing, and a hidden outdoor shower and bathtub. Soak underneath the stars and let your worries fade away.


Dear Lenna and Scott,

We are having the most amazing vacation at your beautiful home in Jamaica. . We can’t tell you how amazing your staff is. Lennox, Andre, Loi, Neyokia and Sheldon have become like family to our families and we can’t thank them enough. There was really nothing overlooked at all during our stay. There are very few places we have been or could go where we could endure a pediatric medical emergency and still have the best vacation ever.

With our sincerest thanks for everything,

Emily and John
Rhiannon and Mario